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Measurement Period

1st Apr 22 - 31st Mar 23

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Carbon Intensity £

Carbon emissions per £1 of revenue


Carbon Intensity FTE

(equivalent full time employees)


Scope 1 Emissions


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Scope 2 Emissions

Displaying market-based electricity emissions (tCO2e)

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Driving a diesel car 5,889Km emits 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent*.
Driving a petrol car 6,101Km emits 1 tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent*.
The volume of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide would fill 4.5 London double decker buses.
1 tonne of carbon dioxide has a volume of 556.2m³ - this would fill 4.5 London double decker buses!
10 tonnes of carbon dioxide would fill the volume of 2.2 olympic swimming pools!

Scope 3 Upstream


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Scope 3 Downstream


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Carbon Reduction
We are deeply committed to embedding sustainable practices in our operations and driving collective change across our value-chain. Annually measuring our carbon footprint is just one facet of our ongoing dedication. This commitment goes beyond business, urging each employee to take personal responsibility in reducing their ecological footprint.
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If you are part of our value-chain, you can help us further improve our measurement by sharing your own emissions with us here
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If you need help to create your own green team, measure your emissions, create a credible reduction strategy, set your Net Zero target, educate your team, Share your sustainability journey with your shareholders, employees or customers then please get in touch below.​

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